Tuesday, June 1, 2010

I'm Radioactive

Today I have been singing an old song by the Firm... Radioactive - It brings me back to highschool (I just looked it up - 1985...yikes) because...

I was just injected with some kind of Radioactive material that will run through my body over the next 72 hours, and then on Friday, I get to lay on a machine with my hands above my head for three hours while it takes zillions of pictures (Gallium scan) I'm not allowed to read books, but I can listen to my ipod - so I better make up a good long playlist

There is a career out there for someone to coordinate and advocate for healthcare patients - I guess the issue is who wants to pay for it - It is a full time job!

Here are some funny pictures from a highschool semi formal - I had some big hair (I know, I still do, but I guess not for long!) It's a good thing that hair straighteners have come a long way over the last 20 some odd years

This is Gigi, Pi and Jilly incase you didn't recongnize them - They still look the same to me :)


  1. sweet doo!

  2. i am glad u r taking a musical journey thru the past -- though the Firm may not have been the first band that would come to my mind as quintessial 80s. Maybe Dexy's Midnight Runners.

    u r right about medical advocate. i am sure half the battle is navigating the system. i bet it is exhausting. arent there solical workers?

    colin looks kool, pye looks shy, the ladies look lovely.

    we are all thinking of you, sjh

  3. Kelly,

    Teresa forwarded me the link to your blog, thank you for sharing. My thoughts are with you, and don't forget some good arena rock on your ipod (as you know I wouls always suggest APRIL WINE).

    Keep as well as you can and good luck on Friday.

    Karen Cheek

  4. Well you and Colin look just the same to me as well..as do Pi and Jilly..not so sure about me don't even remember having bangs!

  5. I am just catching up on the last few days...wow!

    Thank you for the tea - I really appreciate coming by for a short but sweet visit.

    Great photos!

    You are in my thoughts. I am working hard to earn points for you - by practicing good karma. Everything I learned from the Monks on Sat.

  6. Wow, Colin with hair. I guess we both had the same effect on our men from an early age. You have to publish your radioactive playlist and it had better include The Police.

  7. Kel,

    Just got the news, u are in my thoughts and wishing u well.
    Russ Hewton

    P.S. I ve got some great(scary!) pictures to send u where can I send them?

  8. Kelletra....love the bangs...can you say ICEMIST....