Monday, June 7, 2010

1 & 1/2 bags of milk

Not to really gross you out but...that's how much fluid came out of the sac around my heart - & I was awake - I kept my eyes closed & fists clenched the entire time, but when it was all over, they had to show me the 750 ml of fluid they extracted. So needless to say, I can breathe a little better this afternoon! And perhaps I can sleep almost lying down. I was hoping to go home today, but unfortunately the port I need to be installed can't happen until tomorrow am, so 1 more nite @ RVH. I would have some excellent pictures to accompany this vision of the nasty milk bag, but due to the blackberry, I am limited...Until tomorrow..Kxo


  1. Hey , saw Riley at swim lessons tonight and asked her how she was... she said " so far so good!" Thinking of you all....
    Prayers Jen VanderWoude

  2. Kelly, do you think that you could use measurement terms that me slow) and our friends in common would better understand? Now, would
    the amount of fluid fill a 40ozer, a 26ozer or a 6 pack with one bottle already relegated to 1/2miler?
    A bag of MILK? Jeez woman, know your audience. Happy to here the procedure made you feel better.
    Signed : hummmm, andy heighington-that
    works...yeah. Andy. Xo

  3. great job on the updates kelly - I think i am ok not seeing that !!!
    I can picture it and holy crap - that is alot!! you must have been gurgling pretty good -
    great news you are homeward bound - see you soon
    chin up :)
    Heather and Cammy

  4. Hi Kelly:
    Thanks for your updates. You are certainly keeping your sense of humour. However, 1 1/2 bags of milk. What are you thinking? That's one bottle of wine- cheap wine! Let me know when you are home and I will drop in when doing " site visits".

    Take care.


  5. Hi Kelly, I think I must have passed you and Colin on your way home today....if my wave seemed a little lame it is because, as usual, I was a little slow on the uptake and did not realize it was you until I had driven past. Had I figured it out I would have been waving frantically, high fiving you in the air, and giving you the thumbs up. You must be so glad to be home. Thinking of you and hope to see you soon. L xo