Monday, July 26, 2010

Foundation.... done

This doesnt look like much right now, but this is the corner of our soon to be kitchen addition. Colin has been working his butt off over the last week to get this project underway - so here it goes!!
This last week has not been that great from my perpective (other than of course the fine workmanship of my husband) This last round of chemo was a little more difficult that the rest and I had a harder time keeping up my energy and spirits ~ However, today is sooooo much better, and that usually means every day will improve (until I start this ridiculous cycle again!)
I'm heading to pick up Riley tomorrow from camp - I can't wait!!
A great big thanks to my parents for coming to help de-construct our kitchen - many hands make for light work - and Robin and Thomas for the landscaping -
Congratulations to Barb and Len on their 50th wedding anniversary !!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Almost 1/2 way done!

Day 2 of 3 done... After tomorrow, I should be 1/2 way done chemo. Today was easy breezy compared to yesterday as that was the longer day with alot more chemicals - which by the end of the day, I am completely knackered.

I was determined to drive myself today as I am stubborn, and I want to make sure of my independance - Marci did come and pass the time with me, so that made the morning blast by.

Renovation is moving along.....very slowly ~ but that's okay right now ~ it's my speed in my current state, that may change though when the brick wall comes down ~ I will be sure to be using this as my venting station

This past weekend we were the happy guests of Mac & Donna at their most beautiful cottage north of Point au baril - My belly is sore from laughing non-stop.

There also seemed to be a theme of late night hair cuts across the country -I believe there was some drinking involved - My friend Dave did a little shave in my honor while on holidays in Calgary and Colin also did the same (he just really needed a hair cut) So a few pics below....

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Summer Camp

I wish I could go to summer camp. I have such fond memories of my 8 years going to Camp Kawabi ~ Camp allows the opportunity for kids to come into their own & grow. I just dropped Riley off for 2 weeks @ Camp Kandalore - This is her 5th year and she couldn't get rid of me fast enough - so I don't think she will miss us very much!

Riley and I went a stayed with our friend Dianne before going to camp as her cottage is very close to camp. Had a great visit & dinner!

I'm feeling fairly good this week, I would say almost normal (whatever that might be) - So, back to Bayfield for the weekend before chemo on Monday and we can start this cycle all over again!

Have a great weekend!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Weekend Report

What a beautiful weekend! And chalk full of activity....

It was my Dad's 70th birthday - family dinner

We (Well Colin & Chris) dug out the foundation for our addition

Spent an afternoon at the beach (having spa treatements from Riley, Sasha & Kiki)

Dinner out @ the Mill with Colin's parents - pre-celebration of Riley's birthday next week

Old friends Erin and Rob came to visit with a lovely lunch & moved furniture

I can't complain about that weekend!

Riley is going to camp in 2 days for 2 weeks - She is over the moon excited and has been packing for the last week - I am thrilled for her, even though I will miss her terribly!

I think this is going to be a great week.........

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Appointment Free....

All week has been appointment free, which is a nice change, but unfortunately the weather is so unbearably hot, that spending a bit of time outside knocks me out. So I have been trying to get a few things inside done and venture outside as little as possible.

We are going to do a renovation on our house the summer and we are just waiting for the plans to be approved to move ahead(Hopefully in the next few days). You may ask, why would we do this while all this other "cancer" stuff is going on... but we did have plans for this prior to this blip in our lives, and quite frankly I need a focus that is not just being ill... Stay tuned for the stress of renovations in combination with having cancer ~ I guess I can't pull my hair out, because I barely have any... should be interesting?
Last night we were invited to our friend Lee's house for dinner and a swim - Lee's house is absolutely beautiful - Riley described it as a castle for a princess when she was younger. She and her friend Hannah were doted on like princesses, so its hard not to leave there thinking it is somewhat magical.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Holiday Week...

This summer is going to be very different for me this year ~ although I seemed to be making the most of it and it is only the first week of July! Last week was a bit of whirlwind of three days chemotherapy, echocardiograms and various appointments in Barrie and Toronto. I had some excellent company and support from Jill, Heather, Meesh, my dad, Riley and Colin.

My hair is still trying to hang on at the bottom, so when I wear a hat it still looks like I have a little bit of hair - it may look ridiculous, but it makes me feel not so sick.

We spent the last 5 days up in Honey Harbour for some beautiful weather, good food and fun - My dear friends and family took excellent care of me while I re-gained my energy ~ they also made me laugh alot ~

For instance, Pye using the shock bark collar & Willy sending us pictures in his sharp cheddar velour outfit in various Ontario locations...