Thursday, July 8, 2010

Appointment Free....

All week has been appointment free, which is a nice change, but unfortunately the weather is so unbearably hot, that spending a bit of time outside knocks me out. So I have been trying to get a few things inside done and venture outside as little as possible.

We are going to do a renovation on our house the summer and we are just waiting for the plans to be approved to move ahead(Hopefully in the next few days). You may ask, why would we do this while all this other "cancer" stuff is going on... but we did have plans for this prior to this blip in our lives, and quite frankly I need a focus that is not just being ill... Stay tuned for the stress of renovations in combination with having cancer ~ I guess I can't pull my hair out, because I barely have any... should be interesting?
Last night we were invited to our friend Lee's house for dinner and a swim - Lee's house is absolutely beautiful - Riley described it as a castle for a princess when she was younger. She and her friend Hannah were doted on like princesses, so its hard not to leave there thinking it is somewhat magical.

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