Thursday, July 15, 2010

Summer Camp

I wish I could go to summer camp. I have such fond memories of my 8 years going to Camp Kawabi ~ Camp allows the opportunity for kids to come into their own & grow. I just dropped Riley off for 2 weeks @ Camp Kandalore - This is her 5th year and she couldn't get rid of me fast enough - so I don't think she will miss us very much!

Riley and I went a stayed with our friend Dianne before going to camp as her cottage is very close to camp. Had a great visit & dinner!

I'm feeling fairly good this week, I would say almost normal (whatever that might be) - So, back to Bayfield for the weekend before chemo on Monday and we can start this cycle all over again!

Have a great weekend!


  1. Me too Kelly...loved camp Gay Venture and really miss Haliburton in the summer!
    Rock that chemo chick!
    And Kick that cancer's azzzzz!!!

  2. Kandalore! Great camp. Luten did a stint YEARS ago as Director.

    I remember wanting to get rid of my parents too! Good sign. Do you know who I heard from last week after 30 frigging years? Amy Clifford. Amazing. kawabi still lingers.........mmmmm a little longer...... xxx

  3. Hi Kelly:
    I also have great memories at Camp Couchiching. Sounds like you are making the best of your summer. What a time to be doing a renovation! We are renovating our laundry room. Yikes! We started out replacing the floor and it has growth to a full out renovation. Oh well, I get a new washer and dryer out of the deal. Take care, good luck with your chemo this week. Do you need a driver?


  4. Hi Kelly,
    Did you go to camp with Linley Wright? She was back at Kawabi recently playing camper and wrote on Facebook about how much fun it was. Hope this week isn't too awful, maybe I can come by for a visit sometime soon, the boys are back from Hurontario on Saturday, where did the time go?