Monday, July 26, 2010

Foundation.... done

This doesnt look like much right now, but this is the corner of our soon to be kitchen addition. Colin has been working his butt off over the last week to get this project underway - so here it goes!!
This last week has not been that great from my perpective (other than of course the fine workmanship of my husband) This last round of chemo was a little more difficult that the rest and I had a harder time keeping up my energy and spirits ~ However, today is sooooo much better, and that usually means every day will improve (until I start this ridiculous cycle again!)
I'm heading to pick up Riley tomorrow from camp - I can't wait!!
A great big thanks to my parents for coming to help de-construct our kitchen - many hands make for light work - and Robin and Thomas for the landscaping -
Congratulations to Barb and Len on their 50th wedding anniversary !!


  1. Maybe I need to come back and help supervise and show you Kel what taken it easy is all about!
    Wanna come bad!!
    Taking last week in August off, and so far will be sitting in back yard for it...whoowho

  2. The foundation looks great, I can just imagine the kitchen over top. Things are moving along well, we may stop in for a peek this week. Glad to hear you are over the hump of the 3rd chemo, you sure are doing well. We were impressed seeing you bike by the other night. Take Care, Paula