Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Summer 2010

There is very little to report these days, which is really not a bad thing and I have been quite lame in updating this blog - It is mid-summer, Riley has returned from camp (of course, the best year ever) She received her "5 year paddle" which I gather is quite an honor. Her group did a 4 day white water trip down the Mattawa river and I think that was a highlight. Riley and I have been keeping ourselves busy, and trying to help Colin out with the "one man renovation" here and there - but now its time to get some help in as the brick is ready to come down!!

This upcoming week is my "good week", so we will hopefully pack some fun in - I'm finding that I'm not bouncing back quite as quickly as before.

This is the time of summer that our family has usually taken some kind of road trip for a few weeks - typically ending up in PEI to visit the Moffatts - We are all going to miss this for 2010 - but next year might have to be something very special - Hmmmmmm - I'll attach a few pics from last summer...


  1. Next year we will have the biggest beach lobster boil ever...Ri will jump off the Basin Head wharf with me and we will all be together to laugh at "ate poo hair on". Slappy pants - Rock Star - oh yeah.
    See you in PEI next summer.(but before then in Ontario)
    Love Luke

  2. Where do you go on the island? You have to drive through Freddy town on your way. I want you guys to stop here next year ok?

    ps. I want to end up living on PEI.....got big plans. :)