Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Renovation moving along....

We have had some great progress this week... walls and window openings!! It sure helps me visualize the end product a little better.... but its time for Riley and I to go seek some solace in Georgian Bay and give these hardworking young men room for a messier workplace - Looking forward to our return on the w/e and perhaps a roof?

This is the 3 kitchen windows with a sliding glass door - We have gone from 4 sq ft window to 72 sq ft of glass

Start of 2nd Floor Teen Angst/Family room


  1. Wow! So very cool for you guys, Kelly. Exciting to watch the development i'm sure. Actually the journey of the house may be a nice metaphor for your journey to well, Kelly.

  2. Hi Kelly
    great to hear from you...great blog too! Definitely a great way to keep people informed. I have been thinking of you lots and hoping things have been going OK. I have a long recovery from this surgery and then looks like some chemo may now be on the cards for me.
    Once I get over this initial post-op period - I'd love to get together for a catch up if you are up for it? I think you have our #?
    Talk to you soon.