Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Ahhh September

Looking forward to this month being over, although I know it has just begun. This month will be hopefully the end of chemotherapy, however a host of other interventions to follow that I hope to be a cake walk comparatively. I am just about through cycle 5 (tomorrow) with one more chemo treatment later this month - It hasn't been quite as brutal as the last one - but perhaps its all the excitement that is going on at our house - lots of progress on the renovation, and decisions to make and spending money like a drunken sailor - seems to be taking the focus off the cancer and on to more interesting things (pictures to follow if you are interested)

Met with my true oncologist this week (he has been on holidays each time I have been at the hospital this summer) and he was quite pleased with the results of the CT scan and making plans for radiation and lots of upcoming scans- but seemed very positive.

Thanks again to all for all the support -


  1. Kelly - here's a blast from the past for you! Laurie Stark nee Bright, here. Enjoyed reading your blog. It's been a while! And, yes, I remember the crocheted Molson's hat!!!!!
    I've had one good checkup since my introduction to the world of the Big "C" last Sept. My wish is that your treatments are as successful as mine and please know that my BEST thoughts and BEST wishes are with you these trying days.
    Hope to "blog" with you soon.
    Love, Laurie

  2. You will never bore me with the good news, sounds like things are moving in the right direction.

    Looks like one can say the same thing about the renos. Colin may want to start a reality tv show about his building exploits. Maybe then he could duke it out with Ty Pennington for TV dominance.


  3. how sweet it is.. keep on truckin girl ! remo's look great. very exciting.. A friend of mine said " i have a lot of money... i have'nt borrowed yet.." we'll come take a peak soon.. XXOO Andeeee

  4. Positive news from the doctors Kell - great to hear! Cycle 5 already - hopefully the rest will be alot easier for you.
    Reno looks great - I can just imagine all of the wonderful things you will buy to decorate! I'm glad you have the well needed distraction - thinking of you always, K xo