Tuesday, September 7, 2010

First Day back.....

I'm a little reflective today - This being the first day back to school and my little girl (who really is not very little any more) isn't very interested in having me walk her to school - She asked me if I wanted my mom to walk me to school in Grade 6, or would I like if my mom brought me to work.... I suppose not. So now I'm looking at old pictures from her first days of school thinking that life is really just too short - I didn't walk her to school, but I sure wanted to...
Those of you who know Riley well, will remember that she was obsessesed with the color Red - She would only wear red, and paint everything red. Now her favorite color is lime green -
JK Sept 2003


  1. I saw Riley walking to school today as I dropped Locklyn off at preschool.
    I must say she looked very grown up & very cute in her back to school outfit.
    Thinking back I do believe I saw a lime green top peaking out of her sweater :)
    I agree with you they grow up way too fast.

    Feel for me I have two boys in highschool this year and one not even in kindergarten.

    It should be a fun year!
    Happy back to school day!
    Miss you,
    Rach :)

  2. I was thinking of you guys today....Grey and Lil went on the bus! I had a hard time...they really did not seem to need me there! Grey was not really interested in the picture thing either! Time does fly and they are growing more independent with each passing day! Hope you are doing well, think of you often...keep smiling!! Jen

  3. Hi Kelly. Glad to see you posting on "back to school"...i'm sure bringing new found relevence to you this year.

    Evan started SK today and had to drag his next door neighbour Lyla (JK) into the classroom carrying all of her belongings for her. Even now he seems "too grown up". Whanatae started grade two, with a wealth of issues and strikes against her, however she too seemed so grown to be going into Two.

    Thanks for sharing, as always. I'll be thinking of you throughout Sept as you face the challenges that only you can face and endure.

  4. HI Kel ~
    I love the picture- you've actually got me weeping as I prepare to let Travis go into the wonderworld of 'the system' tomorrow when he starts pre-school! I feel like he's been drafted into the army or something.... not sure I should be admitting this. Good sign that Riley feels grounded and BigGirl enough to do it on her own. I suppose if you were to heve a 'mom' evaluation, you'd come out top of the class.

    Keep your strength and spirit!