Thursday, September 23, 2010

Did you hear it?

Yesterday I got to ring the bell in the chemotherapy ward. This is a ritual that one does to signify the end of their chemotherapy. I've been eyeing that bell for some time now and it is a good way to end your time in that part of the hospital and hope that you never have to return - The nurses there are truely amazing - Their positive spirit and attitudes are like no others - and they too say they hope to never see you again. I did think I would feel more elated, but realizing that I still have quite a journey to continue with - I have more appointments in the next 3 weeks, than I have in months - But none the less, a giant hurdle to get through - I hope that the next few months pale in comparison to the last few.
Lots of scans, doctors, and radiation planning over the next month and then I assume I will be in Toronto for several weeks in November doing the actual radiation


  1. Congratulations on finishing the chemo!!...I wish you didn't have to go through all of this Kelly, but I am really thankful that you have so much support & had a such a positive experience with the nurses. I think about you every day & often remember silly things we used to do at work to make ourselves laugh! I miss the Fab 4 & Dudley too, of course! Be well, good luck with the upcoming appointments! xo , KLD - GI

  2. I thought I heard something but it was probably just the ringing in my head as the boys came home from school. So glad you made it through this stage. Onward and upward. And lets plan our first gourmet night once your taste buds are up to it.

  3. We heard it !! - very happy that this part is now behind you ~ keep it up.

  4. Fantabulous Kel!
    Keep moving forward, and you will be rewarded!
    Hey that has a ring too ;)

  5. Kelly

    amazing news. always moving forward - that's the main thing.