Tuesday, September 14, 2010

A little poem to share

A dear friend (and a saucy one I might add) wrote a little poem that I must share so that all can appreciate....

A Thought for Kel

T-cell Lymphoma,

who the hell are you?

You popped in for a visit

Threw us for a loop

You arrived uninvited

We were not very pleased

Brought in quite a detour

To life's sweet breeze

I am taking fancy cocktails

That knock you off your socks,

But if you think you're winning,

You're in for a shock

There is a team that stands beside me,

My guy and my girl

They see me through my days

Move my heart with a whirl.

There's my extended family

And my awesome medical team

We're determined to get rid of you

Walk away strong and clean

My friends they keep me moving

feed my family love and food

pop in for a visit

pick me up, lift my mood.

So please speed up your exit

There are things I want to do

Fix my house, read a book

Live my life without you

A hell of a ride it has been

And a little more yet to come

I'll move on with my new outlook

For with my will, I will have won

Christina K

Wow... I loved that today... thank you my friend


  1. Crycheena Heckubon!! ( Cry Heck )- you are indeed a fine poet. a great way to start the day...Kelly Kelly Kelly, happy to hear that you are getting better. xo

  2. that was sweet and gave me little chills on my arms :)