Thursday, October 7, 2010

I haven't been posting anything for a while.... I think finishing chemo wasn't quite the celebration I hoping - It still takes a while for that nasty poison to get out of your body, so I still felt like crap for a few weeks and of course I had hoped that everything would go back to normal quickly...which it doesn't (I certainly would like a few eyebrows and eyelashes soon!)

I have had a number of scans (gallium and CT) over the last 2 weeks, and then next week will be another slew of doctor appointments in Barrie and Toronto... the anxiety continues....

I did read an article in the Globe and Mail yesterday (Facts and Arguemments) that a woman wrote about her situation - She and her husband were both diagnosed with cancer - with 5&7 year olds - Quite amazing how and where they have gathered strength and energy to push through -

After reading this and as Thanksgiving is coming, my/our situation sucks, but we have a whole lot to be thankful for....

I hope everyone has a great w/e and remember all the good stuff!!


  1. Kel ~
    We are thankful for your ability to keep your head up - for your strength and your spirit! We're in for a beautiful weekend, so hope you have a great one -

  2. Always thinking of you, Kelly.