Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Here we go again....

What a whirlwind it has been...

A wonderful "Celebration of Life" to send Izzy off in style - I can't imagine she would have had it any other way - Lots of cousins made the trek from Calgary, lots of friends and family, beautiful speeches and a great slide show. Many thanks to all who made that day a great success - I know Isobel is smiling thinking about that wonderful afternoon...

I have had some scan results that I have been hesitant to post as they aren't perfect (I wanted the oncologist to say there was absolutely no more evident cancer cells) However, there seems to be some activity still in my chest - It was disappointing, however the doctor seems to be pleased with how I have responded to the chemo -

So next steps, I'm off to Toronto tomorrow for 18 radiation treatments. These are just weekdays, and I am fortunate to have friends that live close to the hospital and have opened up their homes to let me stay - (Thanks Pye-pye for your open invite!) Again, I hope this treatment pales in comparison to Chemo, but I am still anxious.

My hair continues to fall out - its pissing me off, because I would like for it to start growing back - My eyebrows and eyelashes seems to be growing a bit - Losing your hair sucks more than you think - I'm trying to wear my wig more often now, because the hats aren't looking so great, but I feel like I'm wearing a helmet all the time

The renovation chugs along..... but there is almost a light at the end of the tunnel - We are still living with my parents (Whom have been amazing over the last SEVEN weeks!) With all that is going on, as well as our renovation, they have been so helpful and supportive - I'm sure they are ready to get their space back

I will update soon with my take on radiation and some reno pics...


  1. Good luck Kelly - thinking of you, K

  2. Hey Sweetie!

    That does suck. Keep kickin' ass Kel! Good to know you're surrounded by love and support that is close by. Know you're in my heart too.

    muskie. x

  3. Sorry things aren't as you had hoped for, but keep up the good work;) You're a tough cookie!
    Thinking of you....

  4. Hi Kelly,
    Just wanted to let you know that The Newtons are thinking of you as you start this next step in your treatment...radiating any of the lingering little buggers!!!
    S, T & L

  5. Hey Kel, sorry I missed you guys maybe we could arrange a sunday lunch ?!? I will call Colin this week to see what your schedule is...thinking of Russ and family