Saturday, November 13, 2010

I am so fortunate....

Where do I start? There has been a fair amount of activity going on in my little bubble of a world the last few weeks and a few that might be noteworthy

First - Radiation report - I have completed just over 1/2 of my 18 treatments - It is a surreal experience as a giant machine has 4-6 people operating it, set you in a certain position and run out of the room while it makes space ship noises for 1 minute (I believe my treatments are quite short in comparison to others) I dont feel anything, but have a few side effects that may get worse but are quite manageable so far -

Second; I have been living in the city for the last few weeks with my good friend Jeremy who has been so accomodating to let me stay with him - He lives so close to the hospital and it is in my old stomping grounds, so very comfortable to be there - We have had some fun, and I won't post any pictures of the hillarious wig wearing nite with the boys - Thank you Jeremy!

Third - This past week was a short one for radiation treatment as Remembrance Day is a holiday, so I came home on Wednesday - I was completely taken aback, as 13 friends of mine had been to my house the night before and put it back together - They moved furniture, unpacked the kitchen, cleaned and just made our home start to be back to normal - They worked their asses off - I was completely blown away - I can't thank them enough as I am still in awe! Thank you to Marci for organizing and all of you for helping! (Jenny, Sherri, Rachel, Maria, Martha, Caroline, Lori, Krystin, Melissa, Leanne, Sue and Keri)

So I guess my theme this post is that I am so lucky to have the support that I have had over the last 6 months. I get goosebumps just thinking about it. My parents have been so awesome having us live with them for over 2 months and we can't thank them enough.... but it is so great to be HOME!!

Here are a couple of pics taken with my cell phone that aren't that great, but will give you an idea of the kitchen


  1. Home again home again jiggety jog ~~~ what a blessing! It looks amazing ~ must have been worth the wait. Way to go team Kelly!

  2. WOW kelly you derserve all this, I am empowered by you and all the people around you, just want to let you know that I am always thinking of you....from Russ and family

  3. Hi Kelly:

    Your renovation looks great. So glad you have been able to home for a while. Julie and I had fun shopping for your goodie basket. Enjoy.


  4. It looks great, those windows are awesome! Ahh nothing better than a great kitchen..enjoy.

    xo Gigi

  5. Wow what a great group of friends you have! It clearly speaks volumes of who you are! Kitchen looks unrecognizable! Congrats! Looking forward to spending time with you this winter! xo Barb

  6. Wow, the kitchen is gorgeous, you deserve it.

  7. Hi Kelly,
    Looks great...if my math serves me correctly you are just days away! I am so excited for you.