Monday, December 6, 2010

Winter is here...

Its been a while since I have posted... I'm not really sure where to start. I have completed all of the radiation treatment which in comparison to chemo, was far easier to get through for me - I have been home now for a week and half, and don't have any appointments until mid-January. It's a bit of a weird feeling, as I have been entrenched in cancer world... and now I'm kind of on my own to start the recovery process.

My hair is starting to grow back, but it will be a while before I will feel comfortable just wearing my own head - especially because of the salt and pepper color! I have a few wigs now, so it makes it a little more interesting

I still have lots of wacky side effects from chemo, that I gather take a while to subside - I had my port out last week (which I will not go into the gory details, but it was not what I expected)It is nice to get that foreign piece of plastic out of my body, even though I would recommend it to anyone.

It is wonderful to be home and we really are enjoying the new space - It is a different house as you can see...

I had the good fortune of spending the weekend with my dear friend Andrea, who came from England for some business and pleasure - and we certainly had some fun... My friends Mary and Heather hosted a little party to celebrate the end of treatment... this celebrating is going to be hard to keep up at this pace!

There is a few feet of snow in Thornbury right now... its a little insane

Christmas is coming up quickly, so it will be nice to have all of this behind us... and I do believe that 2011 is going to be a much better year for us... I can't wait!

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