Thursday, June 24, 2010

A slow week...

I have very little to report this week - no hospital drama, no procedures and I have been living a very low key life this week. Other than my obsession with my balding head, it has been quite boring. I have been reflecting on the many acts of kindness and encouragement from all my "peeps" over the last two months. I'm sure I've mentioned this, but it is overwhelming.

What hit me yesterday, is that my friend wrote me a letter... a 5 page, handwritten letter - when was the last time you received a handwritten letter? It was very touching (& funny) I do not even think I could physically write for that long... I think my hand would cramp!

So thanks to all who have sent emails, cards, flowers, books, dinners and special pick me up packages that certainly make the day a little brighter!


  1. I have lots and lots of really good books kicking around. Can i drop off a bag and you can look through them?
    Will we see you at the Arts Assembly? You don't want to miss Tom Hanaan's karate display!

    Be well, lovely Kelly. See you soon,erin

  2. Hey sweetie...

    Remember all the letters we used to send to one another?
    I think about you every day and send you lots of love and prayers....

    muskie xx