Friday, June 11, 2010

Oh to laugh....

Over this last week, there are a few things that I have had to come to terms with - I knew they were inevitable, but none the less, I'm sure every person fighting cancer has to figure out how they are going to deal.
I have hair.... and lots of it - It's insane hair, but it's mine... and when you don't have the option to keep it anymore, it is a bizarre process to go through - My oncologist indicated 100% that I would lose my hair given the chemo cocktail I am on - So... what to do... am I a hat/scarf/wig person?? I have collected some hats and scarves from friends and continue to shop for a variety of head wear -

Jill thought I should ressurect my Dad's old hat collection that we used to have hanging at the chalet and use all those hats in my wardrobe... Remember the crocheted molson golden hat - everyone had a favorite that they were drawn to - I believe my mom tossed them all unfortunately -

This week Jenny and I went to Barrie for one of my various appointments and went to the "Wig Store". We did laugh alot, as we both tried on quite a few wigs - and I think Jen laughed the hardest when I tried on wigs that make me look identical to my mom - I did find one that is really not much different than when I actually brush my hair and it will do the trick if I feel like "having hair" - Who knows if I'll have the guts to wear it??

Jen... Thank you for everything over the last 6 weeks - I don't think I/we can do this without you -


  1. Well Kell, what can I say to make you smile?
    on the bright side you wont be burning your neck on a curling iron anytime soon :) wink wink Colleen :)
    A huge hug to you my friend
    Thninking of you all the time. Sending you healing vibes... Hope you can feel them :)

  2. Hah! You didn't warn me about that picture. It's a classic.
    The Liz hat you are wearing in the picture is presently in Emma's dress up box and you are welcome to borrow it for the next 6 months!

  3. Let me know if you get bored with your hat collection. We have walls full of them at the cottage. Favourites include the "Littlest Hobo" meshie and the large collection of rather fetching straw hats my grandmother used to wear. As for hair, we have one that comes with its own pony tail!

  4. Hair.....

    Funny....i've always thought that woman hide behind their hair. I've once tested the theory and cut it all off...but then that was a "willing" "decision" which of course yours is neither...i think you'll look splendid as always....

    however in the event that you are seeking out headwear....i have several variations of hats in my children's dressup box which could use some public-wear-time...pirate hat, Avril Lavigne wig, cowboy hat (and gear), princess crown (yes, you heard it here) grateful dead bandanas'...i'd be happy to galivant around town with you....perhaps you should have a hat/headwear party/gathering while you are coping with treatment...

    Thinking of you daily.

  5. [Kelly wrote:] "...I should resurrect my Dad's old hat collection that we used to have hanging at the chalet..."


    I would gladly rock out one of the old chalet hats, as long as I had underneath it one of the old chalet beanbag chairs to make a proper 'fro.

  6. I have a turban; cleopatra wig; elvira wig; policeman's hat; fishermans hat & several others - you just say the word if you need a fun day & I'll send them your way! I lost mine in 2005 & it was really hard - but it'll come back Kell. Imagine all the money you'll save on hair products!! LOL - xo
    I went back to school on my savings!