Thursday, June 3, 2010

HOLY *#@+?

Well - once again, things certainly do change in the blink of an eye. I came to Barrie today for a echocardiogram & to meet with the oncologist thinking that further tests will have to be done.... Well, I am now admitted into RVH, I have some serious fluid around my heart that will have to be "tapped" (drained) and I am getting my first dose of chemo tomorrow. I have had another CAT scan as well - it looks like I'm here until @ least tuesday.
I do not infact have Hodgkins (this is a bit unfortunate) I have a type of tcell lymphoma-Stage 2- Today was a bit of a holy shit day - but I suppose all this is making things happen quickly?
My parents were with me all day today which was great, they even were pretty well behaved in front of the doctor! Colin and Ri brought me all my necessaries - as I was not prepared!!
I wish I had some funnier things to say today! Will report on the nasty chemo tomorrow....Kxo


  1. Thinking of you, Kelly.

  2. That sounds like a crappy day!
    We are all thinking of you and praying for a quick recovery.
    We love you and miss you,
    Stay strong Kelly, I know you will


  3. Hey Kelly,

    Hang tough. I'm thinking about you and missing your laugh!


  4. Hi Kelly, I ran into Jen at the grocery store and she told me things were up in the air. I hope you weather the chemo ok tomorrow. We are all thinking about you and praying for a full and speedy recovery. Lots of love The Murray Clan (Laura, John, Lil, Hugh and Hen)
    Do let me know or tell Colin to let me know if you need help with Ri at all. She is welcome any day after school or on the weekend, I can give rides to soccer etc.... anything at all!!

  5. Wow a lot can happen in 3 blogs. I hope the anti nausea drugs work well and side effects are kept at a minimum. It sounds like they are keeping a close eye on you, that is good. We are all thinking of you and sending positive thoughts your way. Paula

  6. poop. the good news is that you're getting treated quickly - we know how the waiting can make things tougher! Let me know how the Almond boys can lend a hand. Maybe it'll be a doughnut making weekend....

  7. Wow is right. Anti-nausea drugs right away will help (they did with others we know). I'm overwhelmed for you. As for the hair, well, at least we know you look GREAT in hats my friend. xo K
    p.s. I'll get you one of those multi-colored afro-wigs - (that'll make you laugh)