Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Sorry about the confusion with the milk.... When the cardiac doctor, showed me the extracted fluid, he said 1 1/2 bags of milk, when in hindsite, it was more like a 750 ml bottle of wine....but my head wasn't on straight - so I should have made a clearer reference...

I was discharged today, after a few more procedures, and I really hope that things settle down a little and I don't have any more disgusting stories to share - I have a permanant port installed in my chest now, which will help with all the blood tests and chemo - as my arms are an absolute mess - While in this "procedure", the doctor inquired if I would like to get the fluid from my lungs drained as she could see there was alot there and it would probably make me feel better- I was awake, but somewhat sedated, but thought "why not?" - so she then put a hole in my back, and ciphoned off 1600ml of fluid out of my lungs - So, I think that would have to be at least a bag and 1/2 of milk, no?

I am so happy to be home with my family... and again, I can't tell you how wonderful it has been to have all the emails, comments, calls etc... It is truly overwhelming the amount of support


  1. Okay, they pulled how much fluid off your heart and lungs? That is a significant amount of fluid. Will that return or can you breath easier for an extended amount of time? So glad to hear you are home, there's no place like home. Also good to hear you received your port, that will help with your viens in your arm. It is amazing how much you have gone through in such a short period of time Kelly, you are incredible.
    xo Paula

  2. Hi Kel
    I have been avidly following your blog & I have one word for you -AMAZING!!! You surely must be the poster child for how to face something like this squarely, with humour, optimism & grit. I'm thinking of you all the time & pulling for a good response to your treatment.
    Keep that old (actually young) chin up Kel -
    Your a trooper - a chip off the old block.
    Penny P.

  3. Wow, not sure what else to say other than that. I am so glad you are home, let me know when you are up for visitors and I will come by and we can plan our first Gourmet Cheese Club get together.

  4. Hi Kelly,
    Just a quick note to say that I am thinking of you and sending you and the family love. Very glad to hear you are home and feeling better. I would like to join the Gourmet Cheese Club please;)
    Take Good Care,

  5. Kelly,

    You Rock!
    Glad to hear your home. My mom is asking daily whats new as she is not online, so we are with you...Hey does that port have an intake valve for red wine?

  6. Wow - you don't mess around do you? 1 1/2 bags of milk....charming - I would've punched him in the head for saying that! I hope you can rest easier now Kell - you are quite a woman - and so hysterically descriptive. I laughed when I read it - as I had a flash back to when you were in the hospital after you had Riley & your stories about labour. I don't think I crawled out from under my bed for a few hours after that tale!! ;)
    Be well & stay as positive as you are!
    xo KL

  7. Holy Crap Kelly. You are truly a superstar!