Sunday, June 6, 2010

rainy sunday...

So - day 3 after my first chemo treatment and so far so good - I seem to be able to update this blog from my blackberry. The actual chemo treatment was quite festive - the nurses were Amazing, I had an entourage of visitors and it went by in a heartbeat - no ill effects - I have been rather "puffy" though - which makes me feel like a bit of a circus freak - its a bit better this morning - looking forward to getting this pericardial "tap" done tomorrow & hopefully hm on Tues!!


  1. Thinking of you Kell - glad the first treatment went well. xo

  2. You are something else. Your spirit is incredible, love the humour you're showing in your blog. Look forward to seeing you at home. We're here for you. Barb C.

  3. Hey Kelly...thinking of you lots! You are one strong and courageous woman, and have such an amazing family and group of friends that will be behind you every step of the way. Glad the first set of treatments have gone "well". You are in our thoughts daily. xox

  4. Glad the first days of chemo are treating you well and hope this continues for the days ahead. You sure sound like you are in good spirits and staying strong. Three cheers for oncology nurses! and family and friends! Thinking of you lots, Paula

  5. Kelly

    it sounds like the doctors have a game plan now -- that must be good news. knowledge is power. atleast u are moving forward, even if this is the beginning, and its a small step.

    a million lights are shining on you...sjh

  6. Hey Kelly

    looking forward to seeing your smiling face soon - glad that chemo was "no big deal"!!
    sounds like they are taking good care of you at RVH but I am sure you are anxious to get home
    see you soon

    Heather and Cammy XOXO