Monday, June 21, 2010

Hair obsessed

I apologize for all the writing about the hair, but it is a bit traumatizing. We were fortunate enough to travel to Honey Harbour this weekend to Jeremy's (Pye's) cottage. The weather was beautiful, there was a little swimming, fishing, eating, drinking and hair cutting. I was again going to cut it all off, but chickened out... I did however hack off my pony tail, and then Riley trimmed it up - She kept saying to me "mommy, I'm not a professional you know..."

For the next few days I am sporting a very short cut, with hats, as its a little thin on the top.


  1. Kell,
    I love your new cut! Riley did a great job :)

  2. Kelly!

    I haven't been able to check the blog in over a week (due to that wedding thing and all;)
    So much to read and catch up on - your new haircut is absolutely adorable! Miss you so much at work and please, forget about missing it! haha.
    Anyway, must chat sometime this week!
    Love ya tons,

  3. Hi Kelly,

    I really like this picture of you. I really want to buy you a hat to add to your collection and offerings. Summer is a good time to sport a really fun hat.

    I was really glad to hear you were home. It always feels great to be home. How nice to enjoy some family time in Honey Harbour.

    Janelle and I are off for a week in Aug and if you are Riley are up to joining us for a day, I would really enjoy that. You can let me know as we get closer.

    We think about you, our amigos. I am really glad you have this blog to share. Sorry to hear about Maddie. You loved her and she loved you.

    You truly are blessed by all of the people in your life, the support.

    I would really love to do something for you. Make a meal, scrub your floors (ok maybe not that), paint your toe nails, something just for you.

    Then I think to myself, I'll call.

    All my love,

  4. I think it looks GREAT! perhaps Riley has found her calling :-)
    talk soon.

  5. You look great in hats! It was great seeing you on Friday. The two of us will have to get together and talk, share our no hair stories and port-a-cath stories. Paula

  6. Sorry I missed you yesterday...the girls said your hair looks always look great!!
    Hopefully see you soon
    lots of love

  7. Hey! Looks like it's going to be one long, hot summer. So some lightness on the lid will work well. I just found Peter's shears the other day whilst attempting to purge - shall keep them handy. Let us know when Riley needs some new supplies! Your smile is radiant - keep the spirit!
    lotsa love,

  8. Just caught up on the blog! You my friend are an outstanding, brave human being!


    Barb xoxo

  9. Hi Kelly:

    I'm so glad we had the chance for the short visit and that you made it up to Honey Harbour. Sounds like a great weekend!

    Love to you,


  10. Hi Kelly - You always did look great in hats! Good to hear you are able to get away on the weekend. Do you need any more?


  11. Radiant and adorable as always.