Sunday, May 30, 2010

Hip Hop Sunday

Today I will enjoy my Sunday - It looks like I have some kind of medical appointment every day this upcoming week - so must make the best of this glorious day.

Riley (& Emma) are in their final recital of the year for Hip Hop today - It should be quite entertaining - Riley being a tweenager, thinks her costume sucks (which it does) so is embarrassed to be wearing it in public - but I think they have had a good time putting the routine together -


  1. This was the $90 outfit?!!! Can't wait to see a video. Good luck this week. I'll be thinking of you and cheese ... and wine ... and our new gourmet club.

  2. When I was in grade nine we had a fashion show where we had to walk down the catwalk in the clothes we had MADE in family studies. I had made blue track pants and a really bad grey/yellow button down.
    Riley's outfit may be lame but at least there aren't more buttons than button holes.
    Thinking about you lots and lots Kelly. We're really glad you are blogging. We're reading and cheering! Shannon (and Gil)

  3. Hi Kelly
    Marilyn has been sharing your blogs with me. You are amazing!! They say attitude is half the battle & if so, you're half way there. Thinking of you often & its hard to do some things with my fingers crossed for a highly treatable diagnosis.
    Penny P.
    P.S. Can you please add me to your blog list? Your Mom has my e-mail - didn't think I should post it here. Thanks.