Friday, May 28, 2010

My rock, my claw.....

Nothing to update today, so this is my ode to my biggest supporter, the one who grounds me and makes me laugh daily - CMG, my rock - thank you for being there....

Lobsterfest is happening tonight in Thornbury - a big party in the local arena with 1500 of my closest friends - This is probably the first year that Colin and I haven't gone for at least 7 years - very strange... but I will say that that gives me something to look forward to next year, and I won't have a big fat head tomorrow - I look forward to a few stories tomorrow!


  1. I promise to report back with all the dirty, buttery details, hopefully when lawnmower lady isn't on the rampage. Love the lobster pic.

  2. You will have to do the air guitar at home tonight. You can hear the music all the way to Napier. That is one big claw, Con laughed out-loud. Paula and Connor.

  3. I just got your email Kelletra & was shocked. My heart aches for you, Colin & Riley. I hate hearing that you have to go through all of this. Your picture made me laugh - it is classic Kelly & CMG !! From this point on - I'll try for only upbeat & funny posts. But for today, I love you - please be as well as you can. Let me know if you need some 'extra feet' while you're kicking this...
    xo Kerri

  4. I love this picture.

    You guys are the best and I too am glad that Colin is your rock.