Thursday, May 27, 2010

Bone Marrow Biopsy...good times

This is a procedure that I would not highly recommend to anyone that I like. I did not actually have a visual but I'm having a hard time shaking the sensation of what I believe looks
like this manual drill, boring into the back part of my hip and removing various samples - that again will hopefully help put this puzzle together - Unfortunately, the doctor did not get a good sample the first time, and had to do it again - I am being a little bit dramatic, but it really was not that fun - More tests and appointments for next week - I need a little assistant to keep my appointments organized!!


  1. A special hello to Ernie P - who has had 3 of these nasty tests in the last week - obviously far braver than I - We're in this together!

  2. Just talked to Mom and she told me you had to go through that heart goes out to you sister.
    hang in there.

  3. Hi Kelly:

    I think your blog is a great idea. Sounds like you are being put through lots of tests. Take care, hope you can get outside a bit this weekend.

    Cathy Koenig

  4. So glad to see you tonight at Jenny's. Let's be sure to get the girls all out again soon.