Friday, January 7, 2011

A new year!!

Here goes 2011.... We were very glad to say goodbye to 2010... and thought it might be nice to have a change of scenery for a few days, so we were fortunate enough to head to Halifax for a few days and try to start the year a little differently. We spent a lovely extra long weekend with our dear friends the Moffatts; ate a little lobster, a little hiking, laughing and watching the entire first season of Modern Family. We went to Peggy's Cove on New Years Day.....I think its one of the most beautiful places in Canada, and was quite tickled that we spent the first day of the new year there...

I have had many requests to see the hair re-growth - As it is coming in (very, very slowly) I am a little more comfortable showing my head - so here you go - its not pretty, so skip over if you don't want to look...

I have an oncologist appt next week, which in turn will start another onslaught of tests and scans - It has been a nice break over the last month from the chaos of cancer.

And finally I want to share one of the most special gestures that a friend did over the holidays - Sherri R had some hats made that signify strength and courage and KICKING CANCER ASS - She gave Riley, Colin and I each a hat and several of my friends also have them - (Colin's does not have a flower) It is so touching and the hats are awesome (as I am so sick of my current collection) Thank you Sherri!!

Best wishes to all in 2011.... Cheers, Kelly xo


  1. Love the hats, so glad you had a happy new years. I've been watching Modern Family too, if laughter is the best medicine then you should be getting better with each episode. See you soon.

  2. Happy 2011, Kel. ... clean slate and new beginnings! Is that new hair not silky and luscious? Keep that spirit -

  3. Fab photo of you and your hubby. Such love xoxo the Hodgsons'